By Sunil Sharma

A stone buried under the flow

Of river meandering quietly

In the wilderness and watched

Silently by the trees overhanging

And kissing the tranquil face of the brown river,

Knows the lightness and density of the water

In different seasons;

It gets uprooted from the bed and moves ahead

In heavy dark monsoons here in India and elsewhere,

Then again becomes embedded in the ground that stares

During merciless summers, when swollen river is reduced to

A mere trickle;

Stone, well-worn and polished by the currents, tells us all

The universal, eternal value of being a stoic under every

Challenging condition!


Sunil Sharma

Principal, Bharat College, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India

Writer | Critic | Editor | Freelance Journalist | Reviewer | Literary Interviewer
Twitter: @drsunilsharma
Skype: sunils2015
Link to recent publications: http://www.bharatcollege.in/recent-publication

Posted by— Pijush Kanti Deb ( the owner cum editor of POEBITA POETRY MAGAZINE)

—————————————————————————————————————————–                     Submission guidelines —— (a) POEBITA is willing to publish well crafted innocuous poems not only for the poets’ community but also for the common readers’ group.

(b) A poet can submit not less than three poems of less than 30 lines for consideration with a short bio to the editor through joyraj2014@gmail.com

(c)POEBITA publishes poems which don’t express any views of politics, diplomatic and erotic subjects. So submit no political and erotic poems PLEASE.

(d) Poems should be pasted in the body of email. No attachment PLEASE

(e) Submission of poems to POEBITA POETRY MAGAZINE is itself an automatic approval of the poets to the editor of this magazine for publishing their poems online or in print with or without any prior notification

(f) EDITOR is authorized to change or withdraw his publication of any poem from the magazine at any time with the consent of the writer.


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